Back In The Saddle

Yes Martha, we are back.  Just been hiding out is all.  My stats indicate that I have not been around lately, and I can assure you, that is right.  The last time I posted anything, was about a week ago.  I have been working hard around the old Goat Farm, and trying to learn some new tricks on WordPress.Com (By the way … Do you like the new look?). 

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How Do They Know I am NOT in Texas?


I open up my FakeBook account and there it is, “So and so, says you are not in Texas, you are in Oklahoma.”  (Sanity Fix According to Mike Crouch, your still in Oklahoma and if the lake don’t rise will see you tomorrow…….How in the ____ did they know that?

Do they have GPS strapped to the underbody of the beast, when I pulled into the Flyin Hooker to purchase copious amounts of ancient dead hydrocarbon based animals.  Did they surreptitiously slither underneath my old hoopie and place a tracking doo-hickey (Okie Technical term) to follow me around the country.

By the way, “I do not personally know anyone that goes by that name,” that is kind of buggin me too.

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We are so out of here …

Old Store

Leaving for awhile, y’all try and be nice to each other, we are heading out this morning to parts unknown and totally new adventures.  Try not to kill each other in our absence, we will see you when we get back.  Hammer Down, Hammer Down, six on the floor, the other one out the ______ door … Hammer Down.



Photo Credit Tao Zero

Cheer Up Dammit ….


Surfing around the net this morning, trying desperately to find something amusing, I am so tired of the negative vibes that seem to be reverberating around this world we all live in.

My efforts produced nothing.  But I am going to forge ahead anyway, there is always another bend in the river of time.


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