letter to the editorA great many people inquired why I didn’t post anything yesterday and …. well …. okay, THREE people wanted to know why I did not post yesterday.  The answer is simple, I went to a pre-interview appointment on the Soft Porn Fantasy-camp, and it appears, I might have a shot at an enrollment in September.  (I had a doctor’s appointment and a pressing Co-Pay, that is the reality of it)

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Vision and Hope

Some days are better than others, sometimes I am rock steady and at other times, shaky and not so confident.

Take yesterday for instance, I was at WalMart getting some salad stuff and I see her, heading my way, down the main aisle.

And she is TEXT MESSAGING while pushing a shopping cart, I am not making this up people, she is pushing towards me and at the same time, looking down, she is texting.

So I stop, I brace myself and I think … Now this is going to be interesting.

The woman, clearly not paying attention to her surroundings and oblivious to other shoppers in the store, continues to text and push forward with her cart.

And then wham!  Head-on collision in the pickle jar section.

This somewhat abrupt stop shifts most of her weight over the handle-bars of the shopping cart, and clearly does not help her keep her composure at the moment.

She is now very flustered, she is embarrassed, and at the same time, a bit peeved.  “Why didn’t you warn me?” she demands, and I just smile.  “You could have at least said something!”  Again … I just smile.  Another quick thought comes to my mind, “somewhere, there is someone that is MARRIED to this” and one last time, I smile.

Each and every day life presents me with new challenges.  There is D.U.I. = Driving Under The Influence, D.W.I.= Driving While Intoxicated, D.W.Y.= Driving While Yaking and now this … T.W.C.= Tex-ting Without A Clue.  As my grandmother was so fond of saying … “I believe I have seen it all Lord.”

Man, if I did not have my sense of humor, I would go bonkers, I am sure of it.

Here is today’s’ impossible life lesson #101, or something like that.  Today we will talk about or discuss: Joy, peace, patience, vision and hope. How to find something that rows your boat, and then hang onto it.  It has been said that with age comes wisdom, and perhaps this could apply here, I don’t know.  But I am finding that I am experiencing some of these tendencies much more frequently now, and that it is paying off. I seem to have more joy than before, not at levels that I would consider “infectious” but still, I am operating at a level that is more enjoyable here lately.

What used to wear me down and break my spirit, no longer is of importance. I also seem to have more patience than before. I still do not share a vision for my life, I am not sure, exactly sure, what it is that God wants of me. But I believe I have a slight inkling of what that might be.  He doesn’t want me tearing his children down, or kicking his creations. No percentage points in being rude, nasty or hateful, so I just don’t do it.

I simply cannot remain super-serious all the time and fill my mind with only the harsh and painful realities of life.  I leave that for the Bill O’Reilly types on the Fox Network.

Virtually every day I can find at least one thing to laugh about.
• I often need something to make the serious side of life, more palatable.
• It distracts my attention.
• Reduces tension and allows me to breathe.
• It changes my expectations and soothes the edges of my ragged soul.
• Laughing provides endorphins in the body, natural pain killers, and I often need them, believe it or not.
• When the world gets so ugly and serious, I need these diversions to make all the difference in my ability to cope with life’s crushing demands.
• I do my best to do this one thing. Find treasure and peace in the quiet moments of the day, smile and laugh often.

So here I sit, six-fifteen A.M. in the morning, sippin’ on a cup of coffee, putting down all my “wisdom nuggets” on the page for no one in particular, except myself.  And you know what?

Today isn’t going to be all that great when you step back and take a look at it; it is more than likely going to be ordinary and plain. It is winter time in Oklahoma, it is going to be bitter cold and ugly.  Too often, a lot of my days are like that, simply because my goals at this time of the morning are mostly non-existent.

But I like you, have a choice in the matter. I can sit back and lament the fact that things are possibly not to go just “exactly” the way I would want them to go this day. Or I can choose to trust in the Lord, and see what he brings on the scene.

Laughter doth good medicine.  Trust me, “I am self medicating myself on a daily basis. Anesthesiology for the soul.”  And the absolute best thing about it all … You don’t need a prescription.

It’s free.