Do Over

Let’s pretend for a second here, that we could be something, anything, we want to be.  That we could radically change our present circumstance to anything we want it to be, to be able to change our present status in life to something totally new and different.

To be the NEW you that YOU want to be.

If given the chance, a vast majority of us, would do it in a heartbeat.  This might be why a large segment of the population in this country relate so well to Hollywood and movie personalities.  It gives us a little chance to live vicariously thru other people (actors and characters) for a short while and escape the rigors that modern day life has to offer.

Let’s face it, most of us live lives of quiet desperation.

We all secretly wish to be someone else, to be something else, we are as the younger generation puts it a bunch of  …. “Posers.”  We make a mental note each day of things we want to improve, things that we want to change, and yes, people we admire and want to be.  We are so bad at this, that an entire industry was formed around the very idea of the quick note.

During my career on the railroad we had a select group of people that followed us everywhere we went.  They were armed with cameras and radio scanners, they knew just about every aspect of our working lives.  They didn’t do it, they just thought they knew everything about it, they for lack of a better word, studied every aspect of our daily duties, our career.

They were also quick to tell you that they were “rail buffs.”  We on the other hand, called them “Foamers,” because each time they saw a train, they kind of went all glassy eyed and freaked out.  The sight of GP35 or a SD40 took them over like a rabid dog, thus, the term “Foamers.”

Rail Buff At Work

This is just one example of a poser … someone trying to be something else, a person living thru you.

In the bus community (people who own and restore old buses) have a term for it, those folks who dream of owning a bus, who want a bus, they are called “wanna-be’s” and those folks new to the lifestyle are called “newbies.”  They even have folks residing with them that do not own a bus, but still consider themselves bus people, fact is, I don’t know what to call someone like that.  Hopeless Dreamer comes readily to mind.

One very popular show on television is Extreme Home Makeover.  A very popular television series featuring a new abode, with brand new stuff, and of course, higher taxes. Who amongst us hasn’t secretly pined for a shot at that.  Those of us who sit around during the slow part of the day and dream of castles in the sky, a new place to hang our hat. (Hey what the ____ it beats working right?)

Then there is the movie thing that we seem to be obsessed with.

A movie that quickly comes to mind is Somewhere In Time.  The ability to go back in time, to a much happier period, perhaps one less stressful, where you do not have to dress for success.  That special niche in time where you do not have to kiss a part of the boss, the part he sits on most of the day, in order to get by.

Face it, most of us don’t need any of this. We don’t really need another chance to be something that we are not, because that would waste the unique individuals that most of already are.   What we need is a do over.  Perhaps one more shot at the now dead American Dream.

Having ample time to stop and consider my present station in life, I have come to one solid conclusion about all this.  I don’t favor Robert Redford, another Dustin Hoffman I am not, there is only so much room for industrial hero’s like Donald Trump, Warren Buffet  (the ultimate train buff) or Lee Iaccoca.  In other words … Don’t waste a makeover on me, that is a total waste of time, I am what I am, pretty much locked into that.

No need for a Make Over here … What I really need is … A Do-Over … one more swing at all this, and I promise Lord, this time I won’t screw it up.