C’mon Spring Time

"It looked a lot longer at the store"

“It looked a lot longer at the store”

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Big Sky

13 on the floor!  The other one out the door … Hammer down, Hammer down! 

This time of the year is terribly hard on a guy, especially a guy who has the wanderlust gene like myself.  I want to get out and roam, although I know that this is no longer a reality, it is not possible in this day and age.  So I fritter the days away sitting on the porch and I find other ways to amuse myself, like wondering, “What is the longest English word you can type with only the left hand?”


Important issues like that.

Spring time.  Back in the day I would find myself lying on a blanket with some sweet thing and we would be whispering into each other ears, sonnets and secret phrases, but alas, they are gone too.  Now I wonder if the old air conditioner will make it thru another season?  How much water I am going to have to put on the lawn this year, to green it up and keep it that way.  Why women find it impossible to sleep in a bed that has a fan blowing across it.

I secretly pine for Montana, it is never far away in my thoughts, often just around the corner.  The pale blue sky opening up over Bozeman seems to stretch forever.  The air is fresh and clean at the top of Bear Tooth Pass outside Red Lodge and the roads empty before, now most likely are bare altogether.  A long BNSF freight racing across the land at breakneck speed to Chicago, clear water streams and long hot summer days.

In the summer, you can drive across southern Montana and the haystack dotted farmland seems to roll on and on forever.  You drive by the small outfits, and they haul out to the front fence, what they have to sell.  Worn out, beaten up pickups, a combine here and there, well used tractor an old motorhome, whatever.

I have driven on two lanes so striking, so majestic and mesmerizing, hauntingly familiar, that you swore they were objects of art.  Rolling green sea’s of prairie grass, visions of Native Americans, stampeding horses, bison and of course, cowboys taming an unruly bronco fill my mind.

You would not expect anything less of someone who’s favorite western is “Dancin’ With Wolves.”

Eye candy for the soul is how I always seem to refer to it.  A place in time, that lingers in your mind and often helps you thru your day.  Distant roads are calling me.  Through scenery so spectacular that much like a fine oil or a colorful print hanging on the wall it takes your breath away.  The mood and the feel of the land permeate your soul in big sky country, the home of Louis and Clark, the chisled Grizzly.

I yearn to roam.

The old time towns and the architecture mixed with the new style trendy restaurants and galleries of the new west.  Pickup’s with gun racks,  Small detailed dream catchers hanging from the rear-view mirror, a blue healer dog in the back, one stop light at the end of the block.

And always, a canvas of baby blue (sky) right above you.

Man, I hate living in the city.


CHROME  Catch you on the flip-flop

Obama’s Dilemma

If anyone out there is thinking it is almost over and Bush and the Boys are “going to fade off into the sunset” and a new day will prevail.  If you find yourself sitting back and taking it easy because Mr. Obama is now in the cat bird seat … softly hummin and singing  “Happy Trails to you, happy Trails to you, until we meet again.”

Take a deep breath, and think again.

In May, White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten issued a memo announcing that, as far as last-minute regulations were concerned, the Bush Administration would take the high road.  Agency heads were instructed to “resist the historical tendency of administrations to increase regulatory activity in their final months.”  Bolten set a June 1 deadline for proposing new regulations, and ordered that none be issued after November 1, except in “extraordinary circumstances.”

Unfortunately, Bolten’s deadline seems to have come and gone without anyone paying much attention and a fair share of changes are now taking place before Mr. Obama takes office.  Some will be of course, very difficult at best, for the incoming President to remove.

It seems Mr. Bush in his almost maniacal frenzy to be remembered in history (his so-called legacy) is wholesaling out new governmental rules daily.  Regulatory changes that are in some cases very detrimental for the American taxpayer and consumer, but as with all things in the Bush administration, very lucrative for the business sector.

The Bush administration in the past week has adopted several controversial regulatory changes long sought by business groups, drawing criticism from congressional Democrats. The changes include new rules that open the way for commercial development of oil shale on federal land, allow truckers to drive for longer periods, and add certain restrictions on employee time off under the Family and Medical Leave Act.  Just to name a few, and there will be more I am sure.

Literally millions of taxpayers asked the federal government to leave the pristine areas of the west as “off limits” to oil exploration only to be ignored.  Some 4,300 oil leases currently held in the Gulf of Mexico are not being moved on by the oil companies and others nationwide lie dormant and unused.  These new rules will open almost 2 million acres of land in Western states to oil shale development. Environmentalists say oil shale development, which involves extracting liquid oil from solid rock by heating it, increases greenhouse gas emissions and requires intensive water use.

Why the big push to open up even more public lands to these petroleum whores?

Another rule eliminating the mandatory, independent advice of government scientists in decisions about whether dams, highways and other projects are likely to harm [endangered] species looked likely to meet the deadline, leaving the only chance for a quick reversal to Congress.  So instead of “re-writing science” as has been the case of the Bush administration in the past, now it will be permissible to just circumvent science altogether.  More >>>

Not good if you are wolf eking out a living outside the confines of Yellowstone, or a Soft Shell turtle in Florida trying to raise a family I am afraid.

And if you don’t believe the push is on to get it all in place consider this.  Last month, the head of the endangered species program corralled 15 experts in Washington to sort through 200,000 comments in 32 hours.  Which as any one person can clearly see is an incredibly daunting task for even the most competent.

What we have gotten is nothing short of pure lip-service on important issues from Bush and his cronies.  As we are being placated with useless rhetoric and Texas country euphemisms they are relaxing pollution-control standards for power plants or allowing loaded weapons into national parks, the Bush administration is scrambling to approve or change as many federal rules as it can before it hands off power to President-elect Barack Obama.

Which has sadly become somewhat of a “tradition” in Washington DC every past administration has taken advantage of this loathsome practice.

This surge of ‘midnight regulations’ presents a tough question for the next administration?  What can it do to void rules it thinks should be undone? It appears the only choice Mr. Obama will have is his use of ‘executive authority without waiting for congressional action’ to reverse many of Bush’s policies.

But that authority has its limits.

While executive orders and rules that are not yet in effect can swiftly be reversed or altered by Mr. Obama’s appointees or his own executive orders, rules that go into effect before he takes office will be extremely difficult to undo. Rescinding a rule would require the new administration to re-start the rule-making process, which can take years and prompt legal challenges.

Which effectively will leave the country much like a dressed up hog for the market, all tied up and bound for the butcher.  This is a alteration of governmental policy we did not need by any stretch of the imagination.

Bush’s newly installed midnight regulations also could be challenged by public interest groups, who are already considering legal actions to get some of them overturned. It appears the much heralded “change” has arrived as promised, only a tad bit early, in the hands of what I have always considered “the bad guys.”

There are more than a dozen new rules in today’s Federal Register, including at least two proposed rules (which agencies were supposed to stop creating by July 1). A few examples: A final rule from the EPA sets limits on a pesticide called ipconazole used by agricultural companies; . . A final Commerce Department rule allows fishermen to use ‘trawl gear’ to catch halibut in Alaska; environmental groups say is detrimental to the environment.

Watch for the proposed rules on the length of time truck drivers can work. According to Public Citizen President Joan Claybrook, a long-time auto safety advocate, the rule “is practically identical to two rules that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia struck down last year” (and in 2004) after Public Citizen challenged the regulations.

Under the rule, drivers may continue to log a physically and mentally demanding 77 hours behind the wheel in a seven-day period, take a mere 34 hours off, then hit the road to do it all over.”  Truckers are now working for what is tantamount to slave wages anyway, this will just allow the problem to be exacerbated even more, it will solve nothing.

We tell them no, they ignore us, and come right back for more.  Public opinion, constitution issues, it is as if they simply do not exist under the rule of these thugs.  This is not good government this is “ideology.”

The next time you are considering voting for a “good ole boy, a “C” average beer drinking buddy, to run your country, stop and think about the legacy he left for you and your children to endure.

As Dr. Phil would say ….. What were we thinking?


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Hat Trick

The road she calls to me … Like a sultry lover in the dark

She whispers my name … I want to go ….

My retirement or my life for that matter … Did not turn out the way I thought it would

But then again, does anyone’s?

So in order to beat the pain … I have learned to laugh often, long and loud.

Laugh until you grasp for breath … Laugh so much that you can be tracked in the store by your distinctive laughter.

It is all about attitude. … If it good … preserve it

If it is unstable … Improve it. … If it is beyond what you can improve … Seek help.

Whatever you are feeling and thinking this day is creating your reality. It is all keyed predominately to your thoughts and your feelings.

Feeling good is really important.


Things Are Pretty Good … No Really.

The wind is out of the south, like a blast furnace has suddenly fired up on the north side of Dallas and it has all blown an ill wind to my side of town.Hot here, and it is heating up as summer approaches. It was so hot here today, I saw a dog chasing a cat, and they both were walking.

Which just reminded me, only a few days and it will be July.The wheat is in, time to kick back, a holiday.Watermelon, potato salad, fried dead cluckers, and the Fourth of July, an American tradition.

Unfortunately it also brings another year of Oklahoma idiot news reports of dumb-bells blowing up tomato’s and assorted large items of fruit to point out the dangers of fireworks.Mini-documentary Videos of Okies buying the stuff, and then having the Oklahoma City Fire Marshall confiscate it when they cross the county line, happens every year.So you tell me, has there ever been documented proof of anyone “actually eating a sparkler?”

Give me a break.

A 21 year old tanning salon operator in Connecticut has been arrested and given two years probation for taking photo’s of teenagers in a tanning salon thru a ceiling tile in the roof.He did this with a cellphone (reach out, reach out, and bug somebody!), he told the judge that he was up there crawling in the overhead, using his cellphone as a light, to inspect wiring.(Yeah I know, and they walk amongst us, and they also procreate.)

Checking the wiring?Uh huh, sure.That is like, “in case of a water landing, your seat cushion will become a floatation device.”I believed that one too.

In case you’re interested, there is a way where you can figure out if you are living next to one of these perverts.You just go to Felonspy.com . After you type in your address, it pinpoints all the people close to your home that have been convicted of ANY felonies. Then you just click on the red pins/balloons on the map and it gives you the offenders name, age, and felony offense.

And don’t go typing my address in there that is not funny, and yes, the “pictures at the Post Office” have come down.

Trucking companies in Arizona are saying that thieves are stealing diesel fuel out of the trucks while the drivers are sleeping with “high volume pump devices.”This was formerly known as a garden hose back in the old days, now as we are in the 21st Century this has been changed to “high volume devices.”Here is a novel idea, buy some locking gas caps.Yawn.

My Daddy used to say on the annual trek back to Oklahoma in the 50’s and 60’s.He said he could always tell when he was getting close to Oklahoma.The wife would get bitchy, the kids started fighting in the car, and he had the urge to siphon some gas.

Back in the good ol’ days, eh?

The news tonight was the same old crap … 81.5% of the people you ask will tell you “We are on the wrong track, and things is bad man, really bad.”The public mood in this country is like a carton of eight day old milk left out on the kitchen counter, kind of sour right now.With the high price of gasoline, this debacle in Afghanistn and Pakistan, people are not all that upbeat.I believe the exact quote I heard last was something about “going to hell in a hand-basket?”

Unemployment isn’t all that bad, 5.5% that isn’t terrible, not good, but not terrible.Living standards from a historical viewpoint are the best they have been in recent years, things are, believe it or not, pretty good.But when you turn on the television, “the sky is falling … the sky is falling” and the mood is mostly somber.  I have been kind of concerned about it myself.(Some guy just the other day sent me an email that said, I sure wish you would stop whining about all this ______ .)

It occured to me, “if the news ever gets brighter, we are going to be in trouble.”  There is truly going to be a void in America (one of these days).Who am I going to blame for Global Warming, then there is the terrorism thing (that mostly did not happen but it could, any time now, according to the government), instability in the oil producing countries, oops, excuse me, “the middle east.”This invasion thing, supporting Israel, and/or pillaging the resources of the planet on an untold scale.

What I am going to do, if the news does a turn around, and everything is all of a sudden …. good?  Where will be my simplistic worldview of things then?

Luckily for me, my very own Charlie Sheen star is on the horizon and it is shining down on me.