Don’t ask me why.


Here we go, get ready, another dose of Early Morning Magic.  Well, it isn’t really magic, just another day, as a matter of fact, “I do this all the time.” 

It has been reputed by some that I cannot live without it, but that is not true.  Things I cannot live without are:  flushing toilets, showers, fresh vegetables, halter tops, Asian-girl-on-girl porn, mediocre bus meets in Pahrump Nevada, and this.  Well this is five or six on the short list of what I cannot live without.

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WordPress.Com Mumbo Jumbo

Hi there,

Can you please provide a link to the post that is having this problem? Does this happen with all new posts?

Automattic |

So I patiently outline and provide specific items that need to be addressed. I answer all questions to the best of my knowledge.

—– Original Message —–

From: “Heather @” <>

To: <> Sent: Monday, July 14, 2008 8:32 PM Subject: [WordPress #FOA-595595]: disappearing posts.

Hi Don, Thanks for your updates on this issue. We’ve created a new FAQ to help clarify how the tag surfer works and potential reasons why posts may not display there. One or more of these items is likely the cause for the issues you’re encountering:

Also note that multiple attempts to push a post to the top of the tag surfer by changing the publication date could also be the cause.

Automattic |

Well, that is a nice theory, but it doesn’t hold water.  First, I am not using the tag surfer to locate the posts, I just go to the category and look for the post, it is there and then it is not there.  Second, it often doesn’t post at all.

There is no reason for it to post some of the material 17 posts down in the page, displaying it some three weeks later, AND NOT DISPLAYING IT ON THE DAY IT WAS PUBLISHED, it should in my opinion go to the top of the page, not buried deep within it.

At the very least …. It ought to go somewhere.

Somehow I just “knew that this would work out to be ME instead of wordpress” and I am not surprised at all.  First I am told that it was because there were too many tags on the posts, so I cut the tags back, and the problem remains.  Now it appears that I am the problem?  What a load of crap that is.

As for “pushing it with multiple dates” that is BS too.  I was just trying to make it appear, hell it wasn’t even showing up most of the time.  It is a sorry deal, no two ways about it and “Frequently Asked Questions” is not a solution it is a cop out.
To: <>

Sent: Tuesday, July 15, 2008 8:32 PM  Subject: [WordPress #FOA-595595]: disappearing posts.

Hi Don,

Tag pages show the best, most recent posts – not all of them. To ensure that future posts continue to show up on tag pages, please follow the guidelines on

Again, the more relevant the post is to the tag, the more likely it is to show up in the listings. You may want to assess the relevance of the “recent” tag in relationship to your post’s content.

Automattic |

Recent: 1. having happened not long ago: having happened or appeared not long ago the recent birth of her daughter. 2. modern: from current times or the very near past recent political trends

Random: 1. without a pattern: done, chosen, or occurring without a specific pattern, plan, or connection random testing for drugs. 2. lacking regularity: with a pattern or in sizes that are not uniform or regular a wall constructed of random stones

I know the definition of the words, thanks. That didn’t help a bit. It must be nice to just keep dancing all around the problem, that way you don’t have to admit you have a problem, and heaven forbid, try and fix it.

“Tag pages show the best, most recent posts – not all of them.” Your words not mine.

Why even have a page if you are not going to post it? Who determines what “the best is?”  When you post something (best or otherwise) and it “buries it 17 deep” that is not recent, that is plain pathetic.

When a post goes up, and then after a period of time, disappears, but the others remain, that tells me that YOU have a problem, and it is NOT the author of the post. I also find it a little coincidental, that after squealing like a stuck pig, four out of five of my posts actually survived one day and that only one disappeared yesterday.

That has to be some kind of new record, might want to put that on the global dashboard tomorrow.

I will admit that in the beginning because of my lack of understanding, I may have caused some of the problems with the tags (I had way too many) and that could have been part of it. In my defense I will admit to seeing multiple postings here with more than the 12 tags, I have counted as high as 18 on one post.

I have actually seen 25 posts in order by one author, which is tantamount to spam, but it is evidently tolerated.  But that is a completely different issue. My problem remains, after making the necessary corrections the problem is still here, so I seriously doubt it is anything on this end of the line.

I write about life, recent happenings in America or where I live, I have occasionally have a random thought on subjects that are affecting me and those I know.  So you tell me where to put it? You tell me how to tag it?  (And your “first choice” doesn’t count)

You ask for “specifics” and when you are provided with them, you choose to ignore them or blow it off. But this latest answer here (or non answer), this is just verbal masturbation and nothing more.

I might as well be talking to robots.

So Heather at support (which in this case is laughable at best):

Hi There.  I have posted 282 posts on this site since March of this year, and have received 360 comments from over 10,191 people around the world.  Which I believe is a noteworthy accomplishment, considering I was “doing it all wrong.”  Now I am going to post this and hopefully it will go somewhere ……. Where ever that might be?

Now you can go back to your personal emails or video games and forget about the rest of it. Don’t send me any more correspondence with your “suggested reading lists” which are basically useless.


Tags: Please Read. Please Post. Please put this three pages deep so no one will ever see it. Please remit your annual $30 payment for a crappy system that refuses to work in the order or fashion that it promises.


WordPress.Com Black Hole

Lately I have noticed a lot of my posts either disappearing or just flat out not making the trip (going unpublished) so I started paying more attention to it, documenting as I went along, and I have discovered some interesting things about WordPress.Com … It is a Mickey Mouse System and they don’t seem to care one way or the other.

Part of the problem is the scheduling of posts, I write a great deal, and I was assuming incorrectly that I could write it, then store it here, and schedule it for posting later.  I mean “they have the feature here, they say you can do it.” … so I just figured it was possible.

Silly me.

Scheduling posts does not work, they have been having problems with it dating all the way back to 2006 and of course, they just refer any and all replies to “FAQ”.  Which is the short route to “support/comment oblivion” and you will never come out it alive or in good working order.  The tag surfer was problematic also, but if you switch the browser to FireFox it goes away, certainly nothing that WordPress had to do with.  I was over two months figuring that one out before I spotted an online tip about it.

For the most part, the scheduling posts problem seems to have been here for a little over two years.  The problem is unresolved, sloppy service and/or NO service would be unacceptable just about anywhere else.  Apparently here, it is no big deal.  Here it seems to be the status quo.  Maybe in 2012?

If you try and schedule any of your posts for publishing in the near future, you are for the most part “tilting at windmills.”  You also run the risk of exposing any and all future material at the same time, by trying to compose them here and store them online, which isn’t advised (see link below).  This is why some of you are seeing repeat articles here this week, which will stop.  Now that I am on top of the problem, I can work around this.

Having learned this information “the hard way” I have reverted to writing, composing and storing in a safe environment, my hard drive, and I will bring it over to this miserable excuse for a communication medium when I need to.

This will alleviate my problem, and fix yours, it should be okay.

If you want the nuts and bolts of it all, click on the link.  Here you will find documented one week of and their sorry record.  You make the call, it is pitiful at best. In my opinion it is a small wonder anyone ever gets to read anything you write, about half of the time it isn’t posted and when it is, it is in the wrong place.

Check it out  THE MICKEY MOUSE WORDPRESS.COM COMMUNITY or you can return to the base article.

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Day #1 WEDNESDAY 7-16-08  WORDPRESS MUMBO JUMBO Posted at 4:00 AM.  Categories were recent, Oklahoma, random, life, blogging.  9;30 AM and the post disappears from the life category completely, in recent it is buried some 13 down on the page.

It remains in all the other categories.  Another typical half-assed day on WordPress,com.

Day #2 THURSDAY 7-17-08  SET THIS CIRCUS DOWN.  5:00 PM post.  In all categories, Recent it is posted under “3 weeks ago” which is wrong, but at least it is there.  It can be found in the “Life” category, but it is out of place.

THURSDAY 7-17-08  GETTIN’ AWAY. (checking to see if the post is still online, which it is)

5:00 PM post.  12 hrs later and it is where it is supposed to be except for “LIFE” it has completely disappeared from this category altogether and cannot be found.

THURSDAY 7-17 ASK A KID III Posted in recent, life, Oklahoma, bloggin and random – ok.

THURSDAY 7-17      WORDPLAY (5PM Posted out of order)  Scheduled to post at 5PM but is posted in Oklahoma and Recent at “9:00 AM” at the wrong time.  It posts in Okla, recent, bloggin, random and it disappears out of life category completely. 

In 12 hrs it would have been 646 deep in this category which is way too popular and no one or hardly anyone would have read the piece to begin with.  No one is going to sit down and read 24 pages of this, no matter how good it appears to be.

Day #3 Friday Morn  7-18-08  Going With The Flow is posted 4 AM. It goes to all categories assigned to it.  Then later on it is “buried again” in recent category.  Thank You

Drafted a piece, Botnet Bandits, it was “supposed to be published on 7-23-08” but instead I find it in Recent/Oklahoma some five days early. So the scheduling feature leaves a lot to be desired, doesn’t it?

What a crock.  Will have to start storing them as “unpublished I guess.”  So, I decide, what the ______ ?  I will just go ahead and publish it now, and I check, it is NOT showing up anywhere that I have it tagged.  I hate this.

Day #4 Saturday 07-19-08  Two posts this day, “Notable Whatever and Lil Brother” BOTH of them posted in the WRONG PLACE in the recent categories.

Good Job take two attaboys outta petty cash for another lousy job.

Day #5 Monday 7-21-08  Barackafied … I am amazed, completely beside myself, this mornings post goes to exactly where it was tagged to go.  Unbelievable.

Yesterday I fought this ##@#%**!! For an hour and one-half trying to post a picture, and then someone FINALLY posted a message that some server was down and they were having problems.  They couldn’t post the message some hour and one-half before?

Day #6 7-22-08 Three posts today, this is #1.  Much like the window washer that fell off the building, on the way down, he would say, so far so good, so far so good. STILL CHOPPIN …. Posted in all tags & categories. WILL IT EVER END Posted okay in all categories and Tags


Went back in there and “pushed the time on the publish” and it is now posted everywhere it was supposed to be published, some nine hours earlier.  I guess I am going to have to physically check each and every one of these posts to make sure that they post.  What a crock of, well you spread it on your flowers, and it makes them grow better!

How I ever developed any kind of readership is now beyond me completely, this sucker is really doing a sorry job.

BLOWIN IN THE WIND posts where it is supposed to be in all categories and tags. Recent Category buries CONVICT LAKE 13 deep on the page.

COME FLY WITH ME … 5:00PM post does NOT post anywhere, it had 3 categories and 3 tags, and it is NOT to be found anywhere.  This is a total of 6, so much for the under 12 rule.  Another futile attempt to post something and’s sorry ass cannot get it done.

Two successful days out of seven …  Why bother?

If the above performance isn’t Mickey Mouse, I don’t know what is.


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